December 21, 2022

2022 Conservationist of the Year!

The Warren County Soil and Water Conservation District is pleased to announce our Conservationists of the Year Award for 2022!

Linda Hare

Biology Lab Coordinator & Supervisor – SUNY Adirondack

In 2001 Linda began working with the District assisting local high school students, with utilizing the biology lab for a SWCD macroinvertebrate sampling program. This program was done to introduce students interested in biological sciences and water quality, and to show them what opportunities existed at “Adirondack Community College”. It was successful as we know at least 2 of the students went into the field of conservation.

Linda has since worked usually with her cohort Holly Ahern, on water quality sampling on local lakes with students.  This helps to garner baseline info for lake associations in regards to the health of their lakes. COVID has created challenges and changes for that program, as such this past year Linda has assisted the SWCD in switching gears to develop an equipment lend program for lake associations, through the water quality committee.

Aside from water quality sampling, Lin has been on a City of Glens Falls Committee working with various stakeholders, to create an environmental, education and recreational facility at the former Glens Falls Tennis and Swim Club.  Lin was a past club member and has provided valuable insight and historical perspective, along with discussions about Crockwell Pond, which is under the auspices of SUNY Adirondack. She is a tremendous sounding board for questions and comments in regards to this area.

This past year Linda provided the District a tour of the facility, while SUNY Adirondack hosted our June Board meeting. The board and staff saw what opportunities are available at the college that includes the science and instructional labs, the green house, ag fields and the green roof. Thanks to Lin’s encouragement we are working with the college to emphasize the green roof and create a more utilized and managed space for students and pollinators.

Simply stated we sincerely enjoy and feel fortunate to work with Lin on various projects and programs. She is always supportive and welcoming for our ideas and points us in the right direction.

The District believes that Lin’s support and willingness when it comes to conservation projects and her support of resource protection, is absolutely essential for the long-term sustainability and improvement of our local natural resources.

Congratulations and Thank You Linda!