February 27, 2024

2023 Farm of the Year

Grace Family Farm

Warrensburg, NY

Grace Family Farm Hightunnel

Today we would like to recognize Tom Grace of Grace Family Farm for the 2023 Agricultural Environmental Management Farm of the Year Award. Tom began working with the District in 2015. He initially began by joining the Agricultural Environmental Management Program, to learn more about soil health practices and pursue his passion for farming, and also the laundry list of hurdles farms have to work with (especially in Warren County).

Grace Family Farm has participated in the AEM Program for eight years and we’ve had the pleasure of assisting Tom with multiple conservation practices while watching the farm grow in a sustainable manner. Tom has implemented multiple recommendations we’ve provided – from simple soil tests to the more in-depth soil management plans and cover cropping while installing two high tunnels through the NRCS Environmental Quality Incentives Program… While we’re on the high tunnel topic, Tom is the only person I’ve ever met who can install the plastic cover on a 100foot long high tunnel greenhouse… by himself!! (I’m still not sure I believe this story).

Anyway, Tom is farmer of few words, but has attended almost every Farm Talks we’ve held over the past eight years. I recall Tom missing one of the Farm Talks and calling to apologized for missing it… I did accept his

apology. But really, Tom’s attendance at these workshops and presentations shows his determination to continually grow his knowledge in sustainable agriculture. This is a quality to truly be admired.

With all of that said, Tom your hard work to expand your farm through proper conservation practices is why Grace Family Farm was chosen for this AEM award.

Not only is Tom building a better community, but he is also creating local sustainability for future generations in our area and proving what energy, passion and effort can do to conserve and enhance local agriculture.

He’d like to come up and give an hour-long speech now! I’m just joking around; Tom would like me to tell everyone… thank you for the award!

Grace Family Farm