4-Hour Erosion & Sediment Control Training

Under the NYS Department of Environmental Conservation’s Stormwater Permit, all construction site contractors and subcontractors must have at least one trained individual from their company on their construction sites on a daily basis that is responsible for implementation of Erosion Controls and Stormwater Management. These individuals must complete this 4-hour training every three years to remain certified on the principles and practices of erosion and sediment control and stormwater management.

This training covers both technical and regulatory aspects of stormwater management and erosion control, and is open to anyone including municipal officials, developers, contractors, non-profit organizations, and others.

Training Dates Available:

2024: July 16, August 13, September 10

Course registration fee is $85

Trainings are currently being conducted through Zoom from 12 PM to 4 PM unless noted with the date. Each student must have a camera on their computer, tablet or phone.

No attendee substitutions or training date changes without prior approval.  If permitted the trainee may reschedule their training date once.  Refunds will not be provided unless the trainee contacts the District 24 hours in advance of the course to discuss. 

Any trainees who will be late are required to contact the SWCD prior to the start of the course.  Any trainee logging on later than 15 minutes after the start of the course without contacting the SWCD, will need to speak with the instructor and the decision to issue the certification is at the sole discretion of the instructors.

Screen shots of the attendees will be conducted at the beginning of the course, before and after breaks, and at the conclusion of the course.