Warren County Envirothon

The “Envirothon” is a hands-on education competition that tests high school student’s on their knowledge of natural resources and environmental issues. This event is an effective educational tool which will help our county’s schools nurture environmentally aware students and meet the immediate need to teach more environmental education.

How it works:

The Envirothon is a single day event where teams will compete against one another on the five core topics. Teams prepare for the competition by reviewing the core study topics, utilizing the provided study guides, and setting up review sessions with District staff. The District partners with state and local professionals to write and administer the exams.

During this event participants enjoy a picnic lunch, top teams receive award plaques, prizes are given to runner ups and more importantly students have the opportunity to network with local environmental professionals. If you and your team win the event, you will advance to compete in NYS State Envirothon Competition.

Teams are tested on the following enviromental topics:

  • Wildlife

  • Forestry

  • Soils & Land Use

  • Aquatic Ecology

Hands-on environmental education competition – testing knowledge and understanding of NYS Natural Resources

– NYS Envirothon

The District would like to thank the following businesses and groups for continuing support of the WC Envirothon Program…

Fish 307
Impressive Imprints
Hughes Insurance Agency
Adirondack Extreme
Lake George Area Realty
THSA of Warren County

Glens Falls National Bank
Nemec’s Sport Shop
Warren Ford
Kingpin’s Alley Family Fun Center
The Crossroads
Etched in Valor

Adirondack Mountain Club
Gore Mtn. Ski Center
EJ Prescott
C.T. Male Associates
Lake George Steamboat Co.
Town Highway Superintendent’s Association of Warren County