Forestry Resources

Question – did you know that Warren County is the third most forested county in New York state with 80% of the land classified as forest?  And did you also know that the District offers technical assistance for forestry and forest related questions and concerns?

We feel it is important that landowners have the ability to easily understand that they are in control of their forestland and can manage it with their priorities and goals.  There are federal and state programs that provide monetary assistance to landowners and we can discuss those with you, if your interest falls in line with their program goals and requirements.  However for much of what landowners want to do, one does not normally need any assistance only technical resources that can help guide the way.

Some common management goals often cited are wildlife habitat enhancement, timber stand management for harvesting, an increase in the diversity of habitats and recreational pursuits from hiking to hunting.  However, there are many others that may be important to you.

If you would like a site visit by one of our staff or have questions or concerns about your forest land, please feel free to contact us and we would be glad to set up a site visit and/or answer questions that you may have.