Hazard Mitigation

We are the Hazard Mitigation (HM) Coordinator for Warren County. We manage the County’s Hazard Mitigation Program and work with the municipalities to reduce impacts from natural disasters. Mitigation, preparedness, response and recovery are the four stages of emergency management. Hazard mitigation is a critical step in the process and overall makes communities more resilient to natural disasters.

Natural events include flooding/ ice jams, ice storms, winter storm/ heavy snowfall, severe storms/ hail, infestation, wildfire and earthquakes. An example of HM is repetitive flooding in same locations on municipal roads. Natural events vary in severity and occurrence. The District works to understand topography, geology, hydrology, hydrography, climate, land use, and land cover; which are essential for mitigating natural disasters.

There are simple ways to make natural disasters less severe on your property. Homeowners who are concerned about flooding in their basement can install a sump pump or clear gutters to ensure that stormwater will be directed away from the house. The focus should be on prevention and homeowners should take simple proactive steps to prevent catastrophic events.

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