Public Outreach and Development

Public outreach informs municipal residents of the NPS pollution problem, the daily activities of citizens that contribute to NPS pollution, and ways their activities can have a positive impact on NPS pollution.

Municipal governments have a responsibility to the community to inform them of the Stormwater Management Program, the courses of action being taken, and the potential impacts, problems and solutions to non-point source pollution. All permitted Municipalities have to develop an education program to inform their residents of these issues. By distributing education materials and conducting outreach efforts at municipally sponsored events local governments create understanding of the issues facing them among residents. Informed and aware residents are the best asset that local government will have to develop a successful Local Stormwater Management Program.

Create opportunities for residents, citizen groups, business owners, schools, etc. to get involved in the processes of government and their local Stormwater Management Program (SWMP). Additionally, create opportunities for such individuals and groups to become actively involved in direct actions designed to control NPS pollution such as stream clean-ups, Adopt-a-Stream, a-Pond & a-Highway Programs.

Everyone is affected by Stormwater and Non-point Source Pollution, not just Local Government. We all fish the streams, enjoy nature, swim, boat, live, work, and play near some body of water. Right now as you are reading this that body of water is working hard to transport nutrients, provide habitat and renew our drinking water supplies. Watersheds need help too, though. We all see trash and debris along roadsides and in ditches along those roads…eventually, through stormwater runoff, all that trash and debris ends up in our stream and lakes. Why not pitch in and find out how you can organize a Volunteer Stream, Pond, Lake or Highway adoption clean-up project in your area. Give a little time to the land and water that gives us so much more.