December 21, 2022

Ronald Montesi Conservation Recognition Award 2022

The Ronald Montesi Conservation Recognition Award is provided to individuals who have taken the initiative to improve their environment and developed partnerships in their community.  The District is committed to recognizing those people who we have worked with to provide new conservation opportunities and enhance existing programs.

Ron Montesi Honoring Jason Monroe in 2017 for the Conservationist of the Year Award

Don Lehman

2022 Ronald Montesi Conservation Recognition Awardee

Even before Don began his position at Warren County, he covered the District with articles in regards to water quality, habitat improvement and other conservation aspects.  The District works for the people of the county and for their respective communities, and Don sought to get that information out there to keep people informed.

Since starting at the county, Don has become a great resource to the District in regards to education and outreach for most if not all District projects and programs – composting, stream training, tree and shrub, fish sale, hazard mitigation, Ms4 and stream cleanups, agriculture, spongy moths and on and on……….

We feel that due to Don, more people are aware of the District and what assistance we can provide.  Announcements are sent immediately out for events and presentations and we know that these certainly encourage more participants to attend.  Community involvement is critical for conserving our resources and with Don assisting the District, this certainly has happened.

Thank you for your journalistic, social media and stream clean up efforts, for the questions that you have sent to us and in general making it better for the District and County to convey the message of local conservation.

Gary Karl

2022 Ronald Montesi Conservation Recognition Awardee

We met Gary Karl a few years ago through work with the East Shore Schroon Lake Association and he has become a strong supporter and advocate of the District and its abilities, which we appreciate.

Gary is currently a co-chair of the Schroon Lake Steering Committee, a director of East Shore Schroon Lake Association and editor of ESSLA’s Mini Pearl and Pearl newsletters.  He has worked with the District through ESSLA and the Schroon Lake Steering Committee and he is an active member of the county’s water quality strategy committee.  While he is very concerned specifically about Schroon Lake, when you talk with him, it is obvious that he sees the larger picture of conservation systems.

Gary is proactive on Schroon Lake and other topics, and readily reaches out not only to our office, but other organizations and agencies as well to discuss issues.  He then develops articles and disseminates that information to the community and beyond, which is an extremely important effort in the north part of the county.

It is a pleasure to talk with Gary and hear his well-reasoned approach to community outreach and education, but he is also very good at listening and incorporating suggestions as well.  He is a terrific example of a local private individual who is passionate about an issue, is diligent about following up and supportive of various points of view.  He certainly is a pleasure to work with.

We recognize and thank Gary for his enthusiasm, and for the conservation education efforts keeping people informed on the importance of our environment.