Educational Resources

Warren County SWCD is an education resource for the community. SWCD hosts year-round envi-ronmental education workshops and programs for surrounding schools and community centers in Warren County. The programs that are offered are to encourage students to learn about environ-mental conservation within their county.

EM River Simulator Model
This is a valuable learning tool for all ages. This model is available for schools and events. The EM River Model is used to discuss characteristics of streams and how devel-opment can effect these features.

EcoScapes Learn about land use planning and its effect on stormwater. This model covers four different land uses, which include agriculture, forestry, ur-ban, and residential develop-ment.

Soil Classes "Savers"
This program is an outdoor workshop offered during the warmer months of the year. Students learn about soil profiles, layers, and search for decomposers. This program is often accompanied by a slideshow for both indoor and outdoor learning.

Warren County Envirothon
Over one hundred high school students from Warren County gather for an environmental competition on natural resources in New York. This year is the 25th anniversary!

The District has been involved in a multitude of educational presentations including:

-Cornell Cooperative Extension Field Days
-Queensbury Middle School Science Day
-Stony Creek Mountain Days "Critters in the Creek"
-Scout programs
-Stream cleanup days
-Habitat improvement projects
-Riparian buffer plantings
-Stream bank improvement projects
-Invasive Species Awareness Week (Lake George)
-Erosion and Sediment Control 4Hr. Classes
-Hazard Mitigation Education Course
-Illicit Discharge Detection and Elimination

If you are interested in hosting an educational workshop at your school or have any questions, please feel free to contact our office. (518) 623-1001 or

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